From: Zoisite: Re: crazy ass shit

so like last night i had this rly wierd dream
i dont kno were i was but it wasnt japan
and i was a girl and i really liked lemonade or somtehin and nothing had any riting on it
and i was still in the dk n al but it wasnt called dat it was like negaland or sumthing
and the sailor soldiers were like akshuly girl guides i tink n tey had a hole bunch o/ diffrent attaks but they were rly all the same 2 just like ccalled s1mthn else
n then halfawy thru like sailor moons voice suddenly changed $ O LOL her cat sounded like she was a million yrs old 2 that is sum nasty-ol pussy lololol
newai wen i owke up i had 2 take a shower 4 like half a nower b/cuz i felt dirty
den i posted it on here cuz i figured u would care
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From: ????

Greetings, fellow followers of the four kings. It is I, Angel, with an important update. As I understand it, my associate Shutterbug has a message for you. Go ahead, Shutterbug.

Thankyou, Leader Angel. Angel, did you know that I am a very accomplished computer hacker?

I did not.

Oh, I am a hacker most 1337. And it may not surprise you to find that I have used these superior hacking abilities in our ongoing quest for more information about the elusive Four Kings.
As you no doubt know, information about the current activities of the Kings has been scarce of late as they have kept mainly to themselves. However, I recently managed to discover some transcripts of a conversation held among the Four Kings using a private chatroom. With so many of them, it is only logical that they would turn to technology as a way to keep people up-to-date, and it is fortunate that we have been able to snag a bit of their conversation for our own benefit.

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From: Dimande: Re: hello

how do i work this thing

oh it's on

saphir i got it working

what do you mean i shouldn't be typing down everything i say
these people want context
they want to know what goes on in my mind
i am their prince
what do you mean not any more
it's not a thing that can change like that
well so's your mother
yes i know she was my mother too
look i don't even know what she was like
alright i'm sorry i insulted our mother
please don't cry

no, of course i didn't write down that you were crying
what kind of a brother do you think i am
look i've almost run out of space on this thing would you quit your blubbering so i can say something productive

i am really hungry
mortals, tell me how to fix something that is delicious and can be readily made with the peasant food of olde tokyo
also, how do i kill endymion
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From: Jadeite: Hey! Listen!

As you probably know, I've been re-watching old episodes in an attempt to gather information that can help me win over Mars. So far I've figured out that I need to learn how to grow a beard.
Anyway, it has made me take a look at other aspects of the show, and it got me thinking. I ended up writing an article, and I figured I should share it with you guys too!
Here you go! Enjoy!

The Top 10 Worst Decisions in the History of Sailor Moon

And, uhh, sorry we've been so boring lately. Forgive us? :)
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From: ????

Hohohoho~ Hello, little 4Kers. How are you this fine day? I am Y.Y, codename Angel. I understand that some of you have been crying in anguish to see ~more~ of your beloved Kings, and believe me, I have heard your prayers. Never fret! Myself and my army of very talented artists are here to bring you what you desire. And there isn't a catch... yet.

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That's all for now, little lovelies, but we'll come back for a visit sometime soon with more goodies~! ♥

From: Jadeite: An Observation

I was just looking at our 'Readers Also Like...' section. Some of these titles look pretty cool! Ah, the art is nice, too. Let's take a look @ them, eh? The Bride of The Shark, Rain Dance, WASR School Boys, Boy Lessons, Pa- wait a minute.
These are all BL/yaoi titles!!!!
What is all this butt-fucking nonsense!? DDD:

Now don't get me wrong, I was brought up with Zoy-Boy so I've got a pretty high tolerance to this kind of stuff, but- what does it mean when about 80% of your readers only favourite buttboylove stories?
What kind of story do they think this is going to-





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