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From: Jadeite: An Observation
I was just looking at our 'Readers Also Like...' section. Some of these titles look pretty cool! Ah, the art is nice, too. Let's take a look @ them, eh? The Bride of The Shark, Rain Dance, WASR School Boys, Boy Lessons, Pa- wait a minute.
These are all BL/yaoi titles!!!!
What is all this butt-fucking nonsense!? DDD:

Now don't get me wrong, I was brought up with Zoy-Boy so I've got a pretty high tolerance to this kind of stuff, but- what does it mean when about 80% of your readers only favourite buttboylove stories?
What kind of story do they think this is going to-






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We'll get through this dear.

Oh, dear LORD.


For starters, let's talk about the color purple...

it begins

see you l8r ladies

Zoisite i love your icon its awsome.

Guys, this isn't really a "who can bed boobs" competition.

This is a "who will end up on the bottom" competition.

My money's on you, Jadeite.

well thats EZ money since hes gonna get whiped beaten and sexualy assalted by a dominant masculine figure ne-way even if he gets wit rei

Uh...I missed something here. What's going on?

You can sign up for an account at the place that hosts the boys, and you can fav comics.

Apparently, most the people who have FKH faved also have yaoi faved... except for me...


"Hiding in the closet" doesn't, er, exactly help your image, if you get my drift.

I am aware, but the only other alternative is sitting in the living room, and from every angle you have a good and inescapable view of the balcony where Zoisite has decided to sunbathe in his underwear. D:


Butt fucking is delishous my dear.

You can not escape it.

Speshly if you live with Zoy, he could fuck your butt at any given moment.
Protect your butt D:

damn girl i got standards u couldnt pay me 2 touch dat blond gits rear |:

Re: From: Jadeite (Anonymous) Expand
It's okay, Jed. I even like ZoixAmi. *patpats*

Luna just taght me how to use my computer to chat with people onlin! Yay. Now i cant chat with Mamo-chan more often. <3

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