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From: ????
Mysterious Poster
Hohohoho~ Hello, little 4Kers. How are you this fine day? I am Y.Y, codename Angel. I understand that some of you have been crying in anguish to see ~more~ of your beloved Kings, and believe me, I have heard your prayers. Never fret! Myself and my army of very talented artists are here to bring you what you desire. And there isn't a catch... yet.

Feast your eyes... on FANSERVICE!

This first one is an artistic impression of Kunzite in the Royal Baths of the Golden Palace.

He's simply gorgeous, mufufufu~. A warrior watching as the ripples ease away his tension with a single solitary scar to mark the hardships of the day...

Speaking of warriors, our chestnut-rooted soldier shows his 'wild side' here with a little bit of Bloodlust.

And finally, a word from fellow conspirateur, K.S., codename Shutterbug. What delights do you hold in store, Shutterbug?

Thankyou, Angel. My almost-illegal semi-stalking of the Four Kings has not gone without merit! They seem to be a little shy about taking their clothes off in public, but I did manage to snap a nice photo of Jadeite during a PE class. I'll keep you updated, Angel!

Thankyou, Shutterbug, that is indeed a delicious snapshot! Looks like he's quite good at handling balls, mufufufu~.

That's all for now, little lovelies, but we'll come back for a visit sometime soon with more goodies~! ♥

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Nice work!!

This should come with a warning, however? "May launch straight girls and gay non-Zoi boys into premature puberty" or some variant thereof?

That being said... *LICKS KUNZITE* Minako, you lucky bitch.

Mufufufu~ We give no warnings, and leave no survivors. This is our delicious kung-fu.

What the hell is this... this... invasion of our privacy!? Jadeite, who did this??

Oh, and just so you know, that is not how I would behave in a bath house! Why would anyone stand around smiling like a loon waist-deep in water?? I'd clean myself, and that's that!

I don't know who it is!!!! They got into our LJ somehow and I don't know how to get rid of them!!!!

And WTH!? I don't remember being photographed.... when did THIS happen!?

I didn't think i'd ever get to see my christmas card again

Ahh memories

oh no thats cool guyz i can understand ur feelingz of violatn && privacy n all dat shit oh yeah i rly feel 4 u

NOT were the f*k am i huh??????? wat am i not as pretty as u guyz or something?????? HAH yeh rite look @ you loosers u look like f*kin beefcakes on steroids NOT AT ALL SEXXXY trust me i kno this

Sweetheart, I don't think the problem has anything to do with you being "not as pretty" as them. You might be WAY TOO PRETTY.

Dear Angel: I am pleased with your skills in fanservice (I almost wrote "manservice," which I think should be a valid term now). Although your icon makes you look suspiciously like Umino, I won't tell anyone if it is.

I think we need further evidence of this Shitennou hotness. For, you know, academic purposes.


I'm loving the fact that there are 2 sexxxy hott almost predatory pics in there, followed by a goober playing volleyball, especially since it's Mr. WAAAH-I-HATE-SCHOOL.

Also, here's 1 million imaginary internet dollars to keep it coming!

Heh, 'coming'! XD

Nice, Kunz. Very nice. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were encouraging all of this. I mean, "good" boys don't randomly make come-hither stares when nobody is around...unless you were just practicing for when you finally meet V-chan again, hmm?

And Neph...quite barbaric and virile. You belong on a poster wearing a loincloth with Mako-chan kneeling at your feet. Hot.

I wish Zoicite had a picture, too. I think he's pretty.

TY!!!! its good 2 kno dat not all of mi fans r the silent type yknow ;)

Of the pictures, I like the photograph best. Jadeite looks so happy and sweet.

Something about Nephrite's eyes make them really stand out. Whenever I open this page I'm stuck at him for a good five minutes...

NEPH! Ditch Jupiter, I have bigger breasts!!! XD

Oh honestly what happened to you 4?? You used to be so much better before the sailor senshi came and kicked your asses. I HAD faith in nephrite because at least he was able to open up to Naru and now he can't even open up to Mako-chan without getting his ass thoroughly handed to him. Jadeite, you were never this shy and ditzy but then again it is kinda cute <=3
Zoiscite...well he hasn't changed. Still egotistical as always but Kunzite.. you've soften up quite a bit and that says a lot! I see Kunzite as the only one who has any hope in hell but then again I could be wrong :/

a quick quip from agent smartass

you know, what if Neph actually did ask Jupiter to spar with him? A little play fighting is still physical intimacy... and could lead to other things... but then knowing Neph i doubt he could do it without getting his ass kicked and insulting her therefore screwing up whatever chance he's got...

I mean he's CLEARLY lost his touch when it comes to fighting... maybe he should try his hand at cooking, or even ask Jupiter for a lesson without being condescending, possibly even attempting to think before speaking, especially if she's the one holding a chopping knife...

Nah i doubt he could even pull that off...

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