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Hohohoho~ Hello, little 4Kers. How are you this fine day? I am Y.Y, codename Angel. I understand that some of you have been crying in anguish to see ~more~ of your beloved Kings, and believe me, I have heard your prayers. Never fret! Myself and my army of very talented artists are here to bring you what you desire. And there isn't a catch... yet.

Feast your eyes... on FANSERVICE!

This first one is an artistic impression of Kunzite in the Royal Baths of the Golden Palace.

He's simply gorgeous, mufufufu~. A warrior watching as the ripples ease away his tension with a single solitary scar to mark the hardships of the day...

Speaking of warriors, our chestnut-rooted soldier shows his 'wild side' here with a little bit of Bloodlust.

And finally, a word from fellow conspirateur, K.S., codename Shutterbug. What delights do you hold in store, Shutterbug?

Thankyou, Angel. My almost-illegal semi-stalking of the Four Kings has not gone without merit! They seem to be a little shy about taking their clothes off in public, but I did manage to snap a nice photo of Jadeite during a PE class. I'll keep you updated, Angel!

Thankyou, Shutterbug, that is indeed a delicious snapshot! Looks like he's quite good at handling balls, mufufufu~.

That's all for now, little lovelies, but we'll come back for a visit sometime soon with more goodies~! ♥
Tags: angel's stash
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