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From: Jadeite: Just a Few Questions
So I was just watching some old videos, and I came across a few unusual scenes...

Nephrite... what are you doing...?

Zoi, who's this guy? He popped up randomly, I have no idea who he is. He's got your name on his shirt. Wassa deal? An aging fanboy? Anpanman reject?

But, more importantly than that...


GEEZ. THREE. And that's sparing myself and only picking one shot from each scene. It's like you can't flash your ass in the camera enough. Sweet Merciful Lord, am I glad you didn't take to crossdressing as much as F.E.

BBL. Gotta go wash out eyes.

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"Slowly... that's it..." He said, with a casual twitch of his fingers as his head remained perched on his free hand...

*Scribbles down notes*

hey if u got it flaunt it rite ;) didnt hear kunz complaynin

I was without words.

How... how appropriate. It is almost as though I am screaming out to the viewer for help, as I am slowly crushed by steadily closing Indiana Jones-style walls of crossdressers.

Just A question. Mamoru are you color blind? Becouse how in the world do you mistaken some one in Purple for the girl who you like that always wears Red in her sailor uniform in thiose episodes? I mean seriosly and it doesnt help that in a few of those sences your right Under ZOisite looking up. Anyone elses Gaydar goeing bazerk?

o && that lil bald guy is my mascot!!!!! 4 wen my singing career gets of da ground ykno like how minak♥ has her kupi-corn thing i gots mah cryin salami face dude
its gonna be big trust me

I would SO buy a crying salami face dude! Name your price.

You would listen to The Time Warp Jadeite.
I hope you know the dance.

This is what you notice??

So Zoisite. Do you tuck?

depends on da country

Jadeite, don't you have school tomorrow? Why are you wasting time posting pics on livejournal when you could be, I don't know, reading "The Catcher in the Rye" or doing algebra homework or something?

Mamoru's got to get his taxpayer money's worth out of you!

Well, I figure since we'll be paying with fake money, it's only fair that I put in a fake interest.

Oh, another thing! I FINALLY just finished making us a sweet custom set of moods for our Journal! Pretty cool, huh? Checkit out!!!

Oh hey! Neph, is that that black crystal thing? ...Why's it look so...anal bead-y?

what the hell are anal beads
sounds like a retentive necklace

ahh whatever the damn thing hasn't been the same since zoisite got his hands on it

So, where is that second picture from? I thought I knew my Sailor Moon, but perhaps I don't. Zoi hon, perhaps you could explain?

It was around episode 70 when some lady with curly cat-like hair got pissy at a guy with scraggly hair for dropping her groceries, I think. 's one of those split-second frame kinda things what happen when someone gets hit.

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I think Mamoru is the nicest one of you miscreants. He should post more.

Thankyou. However, unlike these layabouts, I don't have enough time to keep up with this circus. I have many things to do.

Mamoru is just boring.
Well at least he doesn't flash his panties around T_T Eye bleach please.

Why doesnt someone use the Zoi cosplay pics for tortcher?

Oh, gods... that first picture. I can't unsee it. And to make matters worse, remember how the kurozuishou kept reacting to Naru? (If ya know what I mean... *wink wink nudge nudge*) And then he pulled it out while she was sleeping and all of her clothes vanished?

Nephy, you naughty, naughty boy.

And, uh... I kinda like the panty shots. (Or, at the very least, I found it absolutely hilarious that Zoisite-as-Sailor-Moon got more panty shots in one episode than the real Sailor Moon did all season.) Yes, I need help.

It may be worth pointing out that he is only flashing his ass in the camera in one of those shots. (And it's such a cute ass; who can blame him? *pinch pinch*) The other times, he's flashing his crotch. XD (And imagine what those images would have looked like if he'd decided to go commando that day... *sets out a crate of brain bleach*)

While I'm at it, I'm surprised that you didn't post the blowjob picture. You know, this one:

*snicker* I know, I know... You're just "comforting" Zoisite, eh, Kunzite? Suuuuuuure. ^_-

well of course he was comfrting me i was practicly choking w/ emotions

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