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From: Jadeite: Hey! Listen!
As you probably know, I've been re-watching old episodes in an attempt to gather information that can help me win over Mars. So far I've figured out that I need to learn how to grow a beard.
Anyway, it has made me take a look at other aspects of the show, and it got me thinking. I ended up writing an article, and I figured I should share it with you guys too!
Here you go! Enjoy!

The Top 10 Worst Decisions in the History of Sailor Moon

And, uhh, sorry we've been so boring lately. Forgive us? :)

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Lame article bro

Shouldn't you be getting into a Hallowe'en costume by now?

Candy, homeslice. Where is it???

I'm still remedial girl who's only found 2.

I LIKED Ayaka, Jadeite. >:[ Surely she is not a greater horror than this. I know that Nao and Yuhka were ~**LEGENDARY**~ and all, but--

Hey. HEY. After Yuhka graduated from her role as Neptune, you know who she came back to play? Yeah, that's right. She played Jadeite. I call conspiracy on this list.

hot girl
hot girl
j... ja....


How to win the girl! (Maybe?)

Hey Jadeite, why don't you play hard to get? Worked for Mamoru. (Then again, Mamoru seems to be the target for stalkers... I mean admirers.)

As for beard growing... uhh... umm... well, I'm a girl, so I dunno. Put Rogaine on your face? Scalp some of Zoisite's hair? Uhh... buy a beard? O_o;;;

What? I never played hard-to-get, I played "I don't know who the heck you are". Although maybe you do have a point there... I tried ignoring Rei as much as I could on our 'dates' but she still swooned all over me.

Re: From: Mamoru (Anonymous) Expand
Ew. Beards. NO!

...on the upside, I suppose I could get the joy of calling you "patch beard" for a while, and that is a amusing.

Thanks for the article. There's a lot of things that I just plain didn't really know about before. That's mostly SOS and their insanity.

Never forget.
Particularly in how I used to be a 'prince' and all that. Man, I was totally whacked out of my gourd back then.

Um, Jadeite, kissing your cousins is one thing, but since when were you from Tasmania?

Also: You loved SuperS? Really? Jadeite? Loved SUPERS? Mr Too-Cool-for-School went gaga over kids-y, cutesy, sugary sweetness???
I might have thought, "Aw, you softie," if it weren't for the inclusion of Chibiusa's transformation pictures as well.... *cough*

I figured it was close enough to my jurisdiction for me to make fun of.

That was the whole point! D: I call entrapment!

For one thing, I love beards. I thought Mamoru looked really sweet with one.

Also, I liked the article. It was really funny! I kind of wish they had done a Toon Makers SailorMoon, though, if only to gawk at the horror that is mid-nineties cartoons.



When the standard Adventure Dolls were released, Irwin also released a much smaller set of all the other dolls save Darien. At approximately half the size, the faces weren't so bad, and they were the first 'miniature' Sailor Moon dolls released ever, long before Sailor Moon World's Japanese 'Pocket' series.

There was a 6 inch series released with Sailor Stars in 1996 called the Dream Pocket series. The 6 inch Irwin dolls were released in 1995! Not too long before, though certainly still before. Though it should be noted that the Dream Pocket series was not limited to Sailor Moon - other series also had these toys produced, so it wasn't like the Japanese market was copying.

Another bonus for these unfortunate dolls was the fact that the miniature set also included a Queen Beryl doll, complete with staff and gnarled hands. Her eyes were different from the others' and the pursed lips actually suited her, making one of the nicest villain dolls available at the time.

There is also a 12 inch version. She is also sweet.

Call me Makenna :P

Zoisite, I know this is fuckin' *late* as hell. But, I hereby give you Alex Pettyfer. He shall come shirtless with a bright green bow around his waist. Please, enjoy. http://api.ning.com/files/C3awYNKUDCsKISaO3Tv6M4XQCFh4JXVFS4Z1lbeWBptvQPlwDpolhZ0Ug6B02Alw*DEHw71lvVoBRy*lTN6K5vrf2kt5juVU/alexPettyfer.jpg

Re: Call me Makenna :P

Oh god as if the people there didnt have enough gayness to deal with.

heres an idea play hard to get or find a common intrest. O that or find a way to impress her or get her atention with out embarasing ours self and take things slow. Beleive me im a girl.

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