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From: Dimande: Re: hello
how do i work this thing

oh it's on

saphir i got it working

what do you mean i shouldn't be typing down everything i say
these people want context
they want to know what goes on in my mind
i am their prince
what do you mean not any more
it's not a thing that can change like that
well so's your mother
yes i know she was my mother too
look i don't even know what she was like
alright i'm sorry i insulted our mother
please don't cry

no, of course i didn't write down that you were crying
what kind of a brother do you think i am
look i've almost run out of space on this thing would you quit your blubbering so i can say something productive

i am really hungry
mortals, tell me how to fix something that is delicious and can be readily made with the peasant food of olde tokyo
also, how do i kill endymion