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From: ????
Mysterious Poster
Greetings, fellow followers of the four kings. It is I, Angel, with an important update. As I understand it, my associate Shutterbug has a message for you. Go ahead, Shutterbug.

Thankyou, Leader Angel. Angel, did you know that I am a very accomplished computer hacker?

I did not.

Oh, I am a hacker most 1337. And it may not surprise you to find that I have used these superior hacking abilities in our ongoing quest for more information about the elusive Four Kings.
As you no doubt know, information about the current activities of the Kings has been scarce of late as they have kept mainly to themselves. However, I recently managed to discover some transcripts of a conversation held among the Four Kings using a private chatroom. With so many of them, it is only logical that they would turn to technology as a way to keep people up-to-date, and it is fortunate that we have been able to snag a bit of their conversation for our own benefit.

Let's watch...Collapse )