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From: Zoisite: Re: crazy ass shit
so like last night i had this rly wierd dream
i dont kno were i was but it wasnt japan
and i was a girl and i really liked lemonade or somtehin and nothing had any riting on it
and i was still in the dk n al but it wasnt called dat it was like negaland or sumthing
and the sailor soldiers were like akshuly girl guides i tink n tey had a hole bunch o/ diffrent attaks but they were rly all the same 2 just like ccalled s1mthn else
n then halfawy thru like sailor moons voice suddenly changed $ O LOL her cat sounded like she was a million yrs old 2 that is sum nasty-ol pussy lololol
newai wen i owke up i had 2 take a shower 4 like half a nower b/cuz i felt dirty
den i posted it on here cuz i figured u would care