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From: Zoisite: xmas
so wat r u guys getting me 4 xmas

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A paper bag. That way it counts as a present for the other guys as well. Swish!

nice one school boi
did u lern that @ scool from ur lil human frends
i think im gonna get u a school book
wat wit all that school ur goin to an all

Don't worry Zoi, I've bought you a present already. I think you'll probably like it. I've already bought all of your presents, actually. Be prepared!

I too have bought presents for all. Though I think we can safely say that neither Zoisite nor Nephrite will have bought anything for anyone but themselves.

Hey wait what i resent that notion why do you think i wouldnt buy you guys presents im not an ass

o plz u'v made more dick moves than me

Well, if you're intending to buy anyone any good Christmas presents, you're leaving it awfully late, unless you plan on going out... ohh, probably tonight or some time in the next week. If you leave it too late the stores will have sold out of anything worth giving as a gift. I bought mine in late October. Be pr- oh, I said that already.

That shouldn't surprise anyone.

But I think Neph'd actually like leavin' it right to the last minute, he's a warrior after all :)

Im Geussing Mamorus in that vidio?

Is it 4 black turtlenecks and 4 green jackets??

Pimpin aint easy

I only own one jacket, I'm afraid Kunzite may have been exaggerating earlier. And these are custom tailored to me, I think they're a little expensive to give as presents.

So only black turtlenecks? One-size-fits-all???

Don't do it, Mamoru!! Don't do it!!! Zoisite may very well set your apartment on fire when he burns his!!!!

A dictionary and a cute pair of stiletto heels.

You will get the cute stiletto heels AFTER you have made a reasonable amount of progress in learning about and utilizing the dictionary.

danger! alert! deadly shoes!

How is that flamboyant man supposed to walk in those things?! XD

Jesus Christ, those kind of shoes killed me on Christmas eve :|

Don't do it zoi!

quoting V here :D , because she offers me so many chances on a silver platter
is it 4 black turtlenecks and 4 green jackets??

Pimpin aint easy

Pluto hacked him :DDDD


self-pimping is easy, my dearrrr :D
but fancy LJ text cuts aren't

Don't be sad, it'll bring out the colour of your eyes ;p

That depends; have you been naughty or nice this year?

Zoicite, I'm going to get you Adam Lambert wrapped up in a box with a frilly bow.

this btch nos what i want

snap, grl, now i ahve 2 get u sth

nah, you can just spend that money on a dictionary...Adam agrees

A chess set. I think I know someone you could play it with <3

nah kunzite cheats

right... Kunzite... that's totally who I was thinking of... ¬.¬

I've given up hope for Zoi, myself. What little heterosexuality he had was brutally murdered; the killer remains at large (though it might have been all the cross-dressing).

For Jadeite, I would buy lots of candy and other sugar-related products. While this would cause pain to Mamoru, I think Jadeite deserves a sugar-bender at least once a year.

For Nephrite, I would buy a life-sized, fully-functional copy of Narsil. If he doesn't know what Narsil is, at least it's a pointy thing.

For Kunzite, I would buy a first-edition copy of The Lord of the Rings--I've actually seen one! Then he can rub it in Neph's face that he knows what Narsil is.

I'd like to give Mamoru a hug and tell him everything will be OK. I'd also buy him some nice, blue shirts and maybe a blue jacket. While I like a man in pink, that vomit-green jacket of his makes me sad.

For Zoi, I dunno . . . can you gift-wrap Gap models, or will they suffocate? Also, he needs a suit. Men in suits are sexy.

I was planing to get Jedite vidio games this year.

Nephrite gets a photo book of Jupiter in cute outfits.

Lets see for Kunzite I will get a Nice complicated book set.

Mamoru ummm ill get him *thinks evily for a second* How about a pic of Usagi in a waitress outfit.

And Zoistie the cutest in fashion out fit i can afford.

Hee Hee

This may be a VERY late christmas present, but here it goes!


: D

OK, I totally put this in the wrong article...

It's in the Top 10, article. Shut up. It's late here. anywho, Zoicite here is you very late christmas present. He will arrive shirtless with a green bow around his waist. Direction: Remove bow, pants, and underwear, Add whipped cream and enjoy. ;) http://api.ning.com/files/C3awYNKUDCsKISaO3Tv6M4XQCFh4JXVFS4Z1lbeWBptvQPlwDpolhZ0Ug6B02Alw*DEHw71lvVoBRy*lTN6K5vrf2kt5juVU/alexPettyfer.jpg

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