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From: Dimande: Re: hello
how do i work this thing

oh it's on

saphir i got it working

what do you mean i shouldn't be typing down everything i say
these people want context
they want to know what goes on in my mind
i am their prince
what do you mean not any more
it's not a thing that can change like that
well so's your mother
yes i know she was my mother too
look i don't even know what she was like
alright i'm sorry i insulted our mother
please don't cry

no, of course i didn't write down that you were crying
what kind of a brother do you think i am
look i've almost run out of space on this thing would you quit your blubbering so i can say something productive

i am really hungry
mortals, tell me how to fix something that is delicious and can be readily made with the peasant food of olde tokyo
also, how do i kill endymion


*bursts a lung laughing so hard*

Re: Killing Endymion. I highly recommend a pinch of brain-washing, add a sprinkling of star-seed-sucking and maybe some purple tuxedo burning. That ought to do the trick :D Or hell, just sick Zoisite on him.

Go with the zoisite one it will be funnier!

Dude, just kill Endymion and eat him. Two birds with one stone.

Don't cry, Saphir. I'll give you a cookie.

oh my gosh Lokiyan is that you?! sorry, you don't know me but I'm one of your many fans/stalkers that worships your fics (I too ship Blair with anything that moves)-the fact that your a moonie too just makes you even MORE EPIC! (if that were possible).

I suggest NOT killing Endymion, see PGSM for the logic behind that.

PS: I'll make you tiramisu.

How the hell did you get into my LJ account!?
No, no, never mind. I don't care. But could you please tell me who the hell you are and why you are suddenly staying in my house!?

Re: food -- do you have jello? Put water in the mix, let it set for awhile, and wham bam thank you ma'am, you have a yummy snack!

What you want something right now? Try a salad.

Re: killing Endymion -- If you want to be funny, just put a box full of laxatives in his coffee. He'll either be poisoned or, you know, shit out his intestines. Which would be a remarkable way to go.

But I wouldn't bother anyway. Serenity'd just bring him back anyway. Or put her foot up your ass, either would be fun to watch.

From the Crabby Mad Scientist

i think she'd do both... though i hope she lets me experiment on him first...

I've been watching all this through my dimensional monitor for some time now... highly entertaining... and things have gotten a bit slow around here as Tenchi has gone back to school...

i wonder if maybe he could give Endymion some tips, god knows how many times I've seen the girls throw themselves at him, myself included...

if you're that hungry i could send over some left overs from dinner, but you'll have to allow me to experiment on you first...

*Grins Wickedly*

Just go down the road until you hit a ramen shop. Not that hard.

Oh shine on you crazy Diamond!!!

Safir, don't cry. Go hang out with Jadeite since it seems like you two are the same age. Go play with your video games and listen to that hip hoppy or Justin Beiber or something. Here's a twenty. Go get an ice cream. *pat pat* You boys be good!

So...Diamond. We can grab a beer and you can tell me more about your whole regicide idea. What about Venus? She kinda looks like Serenity. You could go for her. If that's OK with Kunzite, of course ^^

Eat Saphir's tears as I'm sure they're delicious. And then drown Mamoru with them.

This made me laugh sooo hard, I think you got Dimande's thought process down to a t.

Push Mamoru out of his bedroom window while he's sleeping and play little red riding hood/wolf with Usagi ;P

Jadeite is delicious, but only for fangirl consumption :3 <3

Why don't you find Usagi and ask her where to find something to eat? Undoubtedly her gullible innocence will not only earn you time with her, but more food than you could bury a Zoicite with.

Also, about killing Mamoru: doooon't D: He's a good guy.

Oh dont worry about daimond killing Mamoru we all know hes gonna fail any ways any ways nice plan for daimond

FRICKEN LOL'd. Seriously.

I'd eat Zoicite really. I mean, I love him, but he's probably the most edible thing in the apartment right now, judging by the fact the poor guy failed horribly at cooking. I'm sure he's delicious in more then one way 6 w 6 OHhohohohohoho~ :shot:

Also, I'd advise against killing Endy. Usa'd find out (probably from Kunzite telling on you) and you'd lose any and all chances. Seriously. She may be a blonde but she's not that stupid as to fall in love with the man who killed her Mamo-chan~

If you wanna kill a man, you gotta LOOK 'EM IN THE EYES...

...WITH A SNIPER RIFLE. 2000 meters away!

At the top of a building. While wearing a Razorback.

To rectify what my component person said...

To deal with a person like Mamoru, Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion, King Endymion WHATEVER YOU CALL HIM, you don't NEED to kill him.

WHAT YOU DO NEED TO DO IS SHOW YOUR SUPERIORITY! Show him that YOU are the better man! The better person! Better than him!

Of course, there are three routes you can take, each with their pros and cons...

Choice 1, the most obvious and probably most easiest choice because you're thinking about it, you kill him. Why, after you kill him, by whatever means necessary, I prefer the usage of a broadsword sold by Mann Co. makes an excellent tool for destruction, dear old Mamoru, or whatever you call him, will have NO way to deny that you are the better man for he would be dead... DEAD! Of course you'll have to deal with law enforcement, but hey, at least your quarrel will have no way to tell you that YOU SUCK! (him saying it, not me).

Route 2, a slightly less violent, but none the less showing your awesomeness is... to get a tower of hats. Now you may ask why a tower of hats may show your awesomeness over someone, but it is true, that throughout history that men have worn hats as a status of symbol! Why, if one hat surely shows that you are truly better than him, a TOWER of them will surely show how much better of a man you are!

Of course... I have not seen you with a hat... no... you instead let your head be bare like a Poor Irishman, while your foe, Tuxedo Mask wears a hat. Are you going to let this go on?

And of course, my favorite choice in dealing with a foe and to show that I, ME, WILLIAM GREYWIND, is better than anyone, is simply the firm choice of striking to their cheek.

Simply, SLAPPING THE BLOODY HELL OF THEM WITH A THIRD, SILK, GLOVE! Sure, you wear gloves you can take off, but why soil your marvelous gloves when you have a spare to use for pure slapping, to show that you are truly prepared and greater than them!

Why, this could be you, my dear friend Dimande... or whatever they call you... this... http://hpanna47.deviantart.com/art/Glove-Slap-121951012 could be you!

So, I hope my ideas of dealing with your pesky irritant have planted the seeds of his demise in your brain. And with that knowledge, you, my friend, shall claim your Neo-Queen Serenity for your own and become the rightful ruler of Crystal Tokyo.

Seriously, the man's a freaking pansy in battle, how can you NOT beat him? You have to be a complete and utter Poor Irishman to be incapable of doing so. Not... that you are...

LOLOLOL hipie?!? (Anonymous) Expand
Demand, you suck! You made Saffir cry, and he's probably one of the nicest people around . . . after the whole "healing" thing. Also, I second what many others have said. Killing Mamoru isn't going to solve anything--he always comes back.

Well either hes gonna come back or Usagi will destory the world from heart break. either way daimond loses

I'm glomping you, Demande, but only because you look like you could be related to Helios. 0.o

PS: If you want to hurt Mamoru, just start littering as he's spiritually tied to the Earth and all.