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From: Zoisite: Re: crazy ass shit
so like last night i had this rly wierd dream
i dont kno were i was but it wasnt japan
and i was a girl and i really liked lemonade or somtehin and nothing had any riting on it
and i was still in the dk n al but it wasnt called dat it was like negaland or sumthing
and the sailor soldiers were like akshuly girl guides i tink n tey had a hole bunch o/ diffrent attaks but they were rly all the same 2 just like ccalled s1mthn else
n then halfawy thru like sailor moons voice suddenly changed $ O LOL her cat sounded like she was a million yrs old 2 that is sum nasty-ol pussy lololol
newai wen i owke up i had 2 take a shower 4 like half a nower b/cuz i felt dirty
den i posted it on here cuz i figured u would care

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Seems like you were just finally coming to terms with your latent gender issues I am still not totally sure that you are actually a dude

plz i am more of a man dan u r n molly can prove it

So that's what happened to all the hot water!

oh plz like u take n/eting but cold showers these days lol

How interesting.

i think u were also there but ur name was lyk... malifecint or something i tink u changed it cuz ur jap name sounds so rude

Yeah I had this weird dream last night too I was in highschool in America and everyone called me Geek-o and I was trying to get Chichi to like me and... man maybe it was something we ate huh

What the hell? Who are you?? God dammit why do I even bother having a password in the first place

Maybe it was an alternate universe, Zoi. Oooo, cosmic. Then there might be a universe where you have no gender, and your genitals are simply a void . . . just sayin'.

They're a deep metaphorical representation of the yin and yang within us all.

>x> Dude. Plz be to spelling. D: I can't understand half of what your dream was about.

Zoisite, darling, we love you, but your ability to destroy coherent writing is giving me aneurysms.

BTW, maybe your dream was symbolic?

Negaland... is it like Disneyland?
I wonder what kind of rides they have there...

Zoisite as a girl? now that really is crazy......*cough* >.>

HOMG! I heart your avatar! (Disguised Jadeite for the win!)

I wonder if he'll go back to that obscure job now that he's having second thoughts about working at the Shrine due to the crazy fangirls? Well, it's either that or a Cruise Ship Captain, or a talent agent, or a radio host, or fitness instructor... Jadeite should become a career advisor. *lol*

Makes me think Nephrite should take job obtaining advice from him, since he's great at getting one. *ahem*

Neph's vocals (Anonymous) Expand
Zoisite why dont ou like Mecury? SHes the smartest of the scouts. Shes really nice.

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