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From: Kunzite: Re: I need your help

I showed this to Zoisite and he has informed me that nothing is wrong with her phone. So what the dickens does she mean??

(Deleted comment)
That's a good idea! I will admit that I am out of touch with Earth politics of this time, but this could spark an interesting discussion.

On second thoughts, I do not know, and I do not think I want to know.

Why not just call her? It's worth a shot.

Kunzite, your best plan of action is to learn to speak in her native language. I suggest a modest and simple display of your affection, like so:

cn u fckm3hdbayb plz y/n

I'm not entirely sure what that means, but judging by the laugh Zoisite let out when he read it, I'm not going to say that.

yeah that would have been a bad idea.

Oh Kunzite :/

Just text back ILU <3

It would make my shipper heart happy :)

Hey, I just noticed that you have 3 bars on your cell Kunzite.

Time to upgrade to 4G man. =)

PS: Maybe she'll react in a more coherent way if you send her a picture? How bout one of you doing something cool?

Freaky Friday

Make like the psychologist mom from Freaky Friday and say, "So how does that make you feel?"

Did you stop time or does your phone think that it's always 3:45?
Also, you should use really complicated words and confuse her. My sister also suggests kidnapping Artemis, I don't know how that would help, but it would be interesting.

oh dear god xD If it's any consolation kunzy dear, I can't understand half of what she's saying either o_O

Why not look up a chat speak dictionary or something online OO;

Minako... WHY!?! T^T you're hurting both of our brains!

The smart thing to do is take everything deadly seriously. She must have hit the keypad or have speech problems for sound it out: What is she saying?

"Eh ooo clthree clthree clthree"

So yes maybe her microphe misbehaving

"wr-slash rrr uww up two"

Or it is a call for help

"[turkey sounds]"

She is being kidnapped! Run and save her!