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From: Kunzite: Re: I need your help

I showed this to Zoisite and he has informed me that nothing is wrong with her phone. So what the dickens does she mean??

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Lord Kunzite, I fear that Venus suffers from the disease of the brain known as chat-speak. Fortunately, most people seem to out grow it eventually.
Unfortunately, it takes some time.
I have found a resource that may be useful, although it is not a complete dictionary. I can link it if you so desire.

However, I have found it similar to translating Egyptian hieroglyphs. The vowels are often missing, as they are not represented in the written format of chat-speak, or the more advanced L337 speak.

Keep in mind the fundamental rule: the user of chat-speak is too lazy to type out the full words. It dates back to when there was a strict and small character limit on text messages.

Good luck sir.

Thank you kindly for your assistance in understanding her, but even if I know what she's saying, I'm completely lost for what to reply with.

uhhhg your hopeless if you know whats shes saying and dont know what to reply with ask her about her interests, dreams, fav movie, ect. That will keep her going for hours and you wont have to do any of the work. Then the only thing you need to do is figure out why your not rocks and move on with life.

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