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From: Kunzite: Re: I need your help

I showed this to Zoisite and he has informed me that nothing is wrong with her phone. So what the dickens does she mean??

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You may find this reseource useful: Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator. It's not 100% foolproof, though, because Minako is a fairly innovative fool who is happy to repurpose common texting slang if she feels it will get across her meaning to anyone able to interpret the language. (Example: this will translate w/ as with, because that's what w/ is used for in English shorthand, but she meant it as what in that second text.)

Consider carefully before deciding to let her know you use this, if you do; she might take it as a sign that you are uncool. Then again, she might find your attempts to understand her charming. It's difficult to predict.

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