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From: Kunzite: Re: I need your help

I showed this to Zoisite and he has informed me that nothing is wrong with her phone. So what the dickens does she mean??

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Write a text that seems to be meant for someone else. Start some mischief or malicious rumors. Like that Zoi and Ami are meeting secretly perhaps... And then follow it up with, never mind that, I sent it to you by accident. I bet she would buy it and maybe it would distract her for bugging you.

this is a terible idea

... Well. I will admit to being more than a little bit surprised.
Perhaps I have been played? No matter. This should be quite interesting.

How interesting that when she gets serious, she types out whole words.

You may have just been sucked into an elaborate plan, Kunzite. Be warned.

Now all you need to do is meet up with her. dont forget to keep us posted ;). Now all thats left is finding out what youll say to her in person. Oh yeah and the Five minutes has started.

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