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From: Kunzite: Re: I need your help

I showed this to Zoisite and he has informed me that nothing is wrong with her phone. So what the dickens does she mean??

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For fuck's sake if it's really that much of a fucking problem i will do you a favour and go over there and bang her myself

I'm handling this.

And at this rate that's all you'll ever do with it

-_-; Nephrite, Sweet Pea, you aren't exactly winning any points with your approach to women, so you can't exactly make comments like that without a tinge of irony attached to it. (BTW, I can now see why you're being constantly abused by Jupiter.) You should try taking a page out of Kunzite's book and play it cool and composed. We ladies do, after all, like the calm, strong types.

And Kunzite, she's just flirting with you. Don't be intimidated! Try steering her back on topic and telling her this:

*Blush* Only for you Sweetheart. But on a more serious note, what do you make of current circumstances? Do you think trouble is afoot?

A possible future conflict that she might need to keep an eye on might steer her onto more neutral topics. Plus, you can connect on common ground there, things of a nature that you have more in common. ;)

Nephrite shouldnt you be trying to win jupiter? I mean you dont have time for this stuff right now you should be focusing on Complamenting jupiter. btw complement her hair and eyes and stuff like that. Dont comment on her chest, butt,(those two are perverted) or hieght(shes sesnitive about her height). then life will be hunky dorey.

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