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From: Zoisite: Dear General Public
dear adoring fans,

IM SOOOO BORED. i dont have anything 2 do!! all i do is loung around endi's apart. and watch tv. gossip girl is good!!!! but everything else is boring. wat do i do???
wat do U guys do when u have loads of free time? i mean i can go out and stuff but every1 out there is just as boring as inside since all the other gays guyz onli talk a/b this stupid bet they have. whod wanna go out with one of teh sailors when therez a whole world of miniskirt-wearin whorez out there 2 bed... AND THATS JUST THE MEN!!! lol
but srsly wat do i do plz tell me.

p.s. this lj thing is fun :) jadeite has a good idea evry nao n then <3 <3 <# <3

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You learn to spell.

f*ck u sephiroth

Hey, wait a minute! Why the hell is the first post in MY journal from Hagfag von Itsatrapp??

cuz ur about as intresting as holiday slides of majerka

Hey can I use this opportunity to ask:

Yo Zoi. What are you plans to uh, win the bet? And don't play like you don't want to play; there's a lot of pride running on this, and you're waaaaay down in the fantasy draft. Hop to it, son!

Well since he's gayer than 2 dicks touching i don't think this is really his sort of game

LOL! Where do you come up with these??

It must be the stunna shades.

4 once neffenny if akshully rite i cant stand those prissy girls so im not even in that gross ~bet~ :P the onli way i wood is if she suddenly got RLY RLY hot and i kno the slvr crystal can do a bunch of stuf but that is a miracle tht aint gonna happne

You may not have a choice, homeslice :)

oh i dunno... put her in the right outfit and she could have that sexy librarian thing going for her

Design clothing line, feed unicorns, learn to piss glitter, reach the end of the rainbow, make a poster, write a book on how to get guys-for girls and guys! Have a yo mama battle with anyone. Try Jello shots, make a list entitled 'things in life that make you go blerrgggh', buy a stuffed hippo, paint the bathroom fushia, make a music video.

Just some suggestions. :D I got a muthafuckin LJ just to post this. U betta appreciate. <33333

"she's the devil inside~~!" : D

I know! whenever I'm down, I plot a master plan to get back at my ex boyfriend who left me in the dust while I was ironing his clothes while making a turkey for him. >.< goddamn piece of shi-

ANYWAY! Although I've already got my revenge on him(I bet you saw the Kira case on TV. I paid a dumb blond bitch to lure him in her bedroom, tie him down and pour candlelight on his d**k, AND the use the death note on him. Aah, he haunts me today, but I've already called ghost buster. THEE HEE! *^^*), I bet you could try to get revenge on that guy who took those panty shots pictures of you and claimed you were his hooker... O_O


...ooor you could dance hula-hula along with kurama from yu yu hakusho(alas the guy down street from mamorus apartment), along a kitteh!(remember to give him a cheeseburger after wards. The cat, not kurama lol.)

I watch anime and draw stuff. And if your that bored fin some markers and boxes and make a mini city(can use legos instead)

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